Are You College Ready? Our 10 Step Program will

get you where you need to be. 


Most parents' wish is to see their children educated, hopefully with a professional career. However, without financial planning, this wilsh will only turn into good intentions. 



CPTS & STEM WARS Prepare Students to change the world through SCIENCE,TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING and MATH! 

Welcome to College Preparation at each stage of your child's life.

Whether you send your children to public or private K12 school the professionals at CPTS can help you develop a strategy to fit your needs. Did you know that some colleges will increase your financial aid by a percentage of the tuition you pay for sending your children to private K12 school? Public or private, CPTS can help you develop a strategy that fits your budget and allows your children to attend the college best suited for their goals and needs.

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Program Coming Spring 2024

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