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CPTS Education Fund

The College Planning TODAY Educational Fund is a (501c3) non profit organization that assist students with funding for college, trade school ad entrepreneurship. 

Today many companies are looking for skilled and gifted students. There are many initiatives that are being offered through out the United States of America but the CPTS Educational Fund acts as a bridge to the various organizations and the fullfillment of the parthway forward to college and career preparation. 

Since our inception in 2002 over 20,000 students have benefited from our dual program services. 

Our services are offered in all 50 states and internationally. This year we added additional services to assist with the retention of students in colleges and universities especially in our HBCU's. 


           A Kinesiologist 

The College Planning TODAY Services Education Fund is amined at recruiting, elevating and financially supporting the vast number of amazing young kings and queens that make up our communities. Our motto is "Sponsoring the minds of the present in order to reap the benefits of the future". 

College Planning TODAY

Education Fund 

College Planning TODAY

Education Fund 

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