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We are now allowing people to register here to prepare for a class in late January to learn how to build electrical vehicles. The first class will be limited to 100 students and the class will be virtual (online). 

When we say "literally build electric cars" we mean in the class you will be offered training in electronics, high-voltage circuits, electric motors, or similar. The advantage of this type of education is that it is less expensive than the traditonal four-year bachelor's degree program, and will offer practical skills that can be applied as a technician in the EV industry either building or servicing electric vehicles. 

If you want to be one of the people chosen to be in this class to prepare to design and imporve electric vehicles, then we recommend that you pay closes attention to these requirements and next steps. 

(Who may apply- Those who have graduated from HS, those who have a GED, those who are looking to make a lucrative living in a trade skill, those who have been release from jail/prison or graduated from college).  Everyone must go through the INTERVIEW screening process and only the first 100 approved registrants will be able to attend this class.

#1 You must be a United State citizens (those with "green cards" may speak with one of our representatives)

#2 You must be between the age of 18 to 42 

#3 The registeration period is open now until January 20th at 5:00 pm (ETS). 

#4 You must register (Contact Form) and specify that you want to prepare for the EV class in January.

#5 You must pay the $150 registration fee 

This industry is what we call multidisciplinary, meaning it spans a wide range of relevant fields of knowledge. There are many types of engineering that are applied to the development of electic vehicles. Here are some areas that we will be utilizing: 

Electrical engineering 

Computer or software engineering

Controls engineering

Chemical engineering

Manufacturing or industrial engineering

Mechanical engineering 

Automotive engineering

WHY are such a wide range of people able to REGISTER for the interview to be considered for this all important class? Because once APPROVED to take the class, individuals will be trained to fill an array of various positions. Some will be prepared to go on to college to complete bachelor's, master's and doctorial degrees for upper managment positions. 


We are preparing the next era of automotive engineers

We are preparing the next era of automotive engineers