Success coach for students

Success coach for students

Success coach for teachers

Success coach for teachers

Success coach for teachers

Our vision is to see teachers and students thrive 

The new year has already begun and we are excited about the many opportunities to assist both students and teachers with resources!  Our Success Coach ~ Rochelle V. Gray stands ready! 

Rochelle V. Gray

Rochelle V. Gray, is a Success Coach of teachers and students (SEL/Restorative Justice), with twenty-three years experience. She is currently with the Charlotte Mecklenburg school system. She received her B.A. from Kean University in Public Administration  and her M.Ed. from Fairleigh Dickinson University in Educational Leadership. 

In addition, she was elected to three terms with the Highland Park Board of Education in New Jersey. 

She currently holds the following educational certifications: K-6, 7-9 Social Studies and K-12 Principal, in the states of North Carolina and New Jersey.

Ms. Gray was invited to participate in a discussion given by The Urban Collaborative at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte, at the International Conference on Urban Education 2016, held in Puerto Rico.

In 2019, her unconventional sports, entrepreneurship and leadership  program, "Empower the Youth", along with her great advocacy of youth, earned her Gen One's teacher of the year.  In addition, she recently collaborated on a manuscript with friend and playwright, Leroy Bennett, entitled, "Teacher, Teacher".

When she isn't advocating for students, parents and teachers, she spends time writing, singing, crocheting,  playing chess and creating youth leaders. She is currently  developing an educational  program for Black and Brown males: Power Elite Male Academy,  as well as a training company for aspiring and new teachers named, "Vision Over Sight".

She presently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina with her daughter Caitlin.  

Ms. Gray is available for speaking engagements for youth, parents and teachers, as well as training for new teachers. She can be reached at  (800) 811-4546 Ext.  28


TUTORS -Teachers United To Organize & Reach Students

TEACHERS,can you retire comfortably on 60% of your pay?

This very question:“Can you retire comfortably on 60% of your current pay?”, was the central focus recently in San Diego at a conference of educators from around the country. The recognition that the teachers in schools, be they private or public, in the United States, confront a crisis of underfunded pension accounts for their futures.

The mission is to educate educators and all school system employees about 403(b) plans and strategies and to promote retirement with dignity.It is a national shame that the teacher retirement funding in 41 states is insufficient.

Recently the National Council on Teacher Quality, a nonpartisan research and quality organization commissioned a study, entitled: No One Benefits; How teacher pension systems are failing BOTH teachers and taxpayers.

One of the key findings of this study is that teacher pension programs in the US areunderfunded by an amount of almost $325 billion.It was noted that in the years between 2009 and 2012, the funding shortfalls grew in 44 states.

We assist educators with strategies and information to accumulate a financial portfolio that will aid them in not retiring in a crisis due to insufficient retirement planning.

  (800) 811-4546   Ext.  2