Entrepreneurship starts in the beginning, in the home!

College Planning TODAY Services aims to develop a new generation (GEN Z's) who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so:

An ounce of prevention is

                                                       worth a pound of cure. 

                        [BENJAMIN FRANKLIN]


Did you know that your children can easily acquire substantial wealth by the time they get to age 20 (College)? 

Did you know that most college students run out of money for school by the time they reach their junior year (around age 20)?

FIRST     - Make a decision to change the destination of your child's future. It starts by making a decision to change yourself!! 

SECOND - (From birth) Create a TRUST for your child(children) along with an insurance policy that accumulate cash that can be used while you live.

THIRD    - (Suggestion: rather than running up so much debt during Christmas buying things that have a limited amount of value, INVEST In your child's future).

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The reason most people fail financially to prepare for their child to go to college specifically (or their future in general) and to plan for their own retirement is because they use the wrong method....they use...

       Put & Take type Accounts

They put Dollars in

They take Dollars out


Checking Accounts* Savings Accounts Savings and Loans* Certificates of Deposit Various Miscellaneous Investments

and they end up with NOTHING!

The concept that we address in our program is not a put and take plan. It is a ...

       Put & Keep Plan and That's                       why It Succeeds.

You put Dollars in

We help you build upon those DOLLARS.

Meet with one of our licensed and trained representatives to go over a strategy that is right for you!

 Over time you end up with a lot of RESOURCES and FUNDING!

The Ambassador Program 

The Program of Excellence. For students that are ready to take on the world and make their mark of genius. 

What is a CPTS AMBASSADOR?  A student that has been approved for the CPTS program and has been selected at the executive level to serve as a promoter of service along with excellence which is the mission of College Planning TODAY Service

About the Ambassador Program

Welcome to one of our premier featured programs at College Planning TODAY Services. This program was designed to allow students who aer truly gifted to be able to walk in their wown genius and talent. 







Students must demonstrate that they are people of ACTION. Leaders (real leaders) are people who are moved (action) within themselves so that they are able to motivate others to move.

Students must exhibit and develop a lifestyle of FAITHFULNESS. This means that their life should show loyalty, consistency, dedication, dependability, reliabilty and trustworthiness.

Students must understand that they are a REPRESENTATIVE. They should display this understanding from the classroom to the boardroom. You represent your community, family. school and yourself! 

Students must be INVOLVED in the day process of helping others. Every Ambassador must be actively involved in "Paying it forward" to lift others up through word and deeds. 

Students must understand that they are CHAMPIONS. You are a standard-bearer charged with the task of carrying the banner of excellence. Walk knowing that you stand on the should ers of conquerors! 

Students must display that they are an ADVOCATE. You as a promoter of CPTS have the tools to help individuals change the trajectory of their lives. 

How to apply? 

(1)  Attend a College Planning TODAY Services (CPTS) workshop in person and virtually. 

(2) Go to the www.collegeplanningtoday.com and complete the Contact Form.

(3) Once CPTS get your submission (your email in particular) we will arrange to meet with you to "interview" you. 

(4) A committee will review your interview rersponses and make a final decision.