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College Planning TODAY Services 


After you have been INTERVIEWED you will need to apply for the College Planning TODAY Services program. Our representatives will discuss this option during the parent INTERVIEW. Those who just INTERVIEW are receiving a CONSULTATION ONLY for preparation for college. To go on to the next step 3 "THE ROAD MAP" you must APPLY and be approved to be accepted into the College Planning TODAY Services program. 

The Process

It is here that you get started with the CPTS program when you purchase your CPTS PREP BOOK. 

                                                                                   College Planning TODAY Services
The partnership between College Planning TODAY Services has created a best in class model:

How does College Planning TODAY Services fit into your life?
The College Planning TODAY Services provides you a resource that will assist you in academic development,
personal development, financial planning for college and career planning. College Planning TODAY Services staff
of professionals and partners are experienced in delivering a superior program that will prepare our customers for
college and their careers. While schools primarily focus on teaching methods to pass a standardized test, College
Planning TODAY Services fills the gap by preparing these students for their real life future (e.g. higher education,
training & their career)
You can use College Planning TODAY Services:
 If you want to plan a solid future for your child(ren), relatives, etc.
 If you have no plan or resources to assist you with planning for college for your child(ren)
 If you want to save for your child(ren)’s future
 If you want to prepare your child(ren) academically for the future
 If you don’t feel comfortable with your current plans for your child(ren)s’ future
 If you want to expose your child(ren) to careers and a pathway to achieve them
 If you want to get a team to assist you in your child(ren)s future
 If you want your child(ren) to plan for a successful career
 If you have any College Planning issue(s) that you don’t know how to solve
What Can I Use It For?
College Planning TODAY Services Consultations
Our Core Annual Plans cover children from 3 months to 18 years old.
We offer direct access to a national network of our academic, financial and human resource
professionals. These professionals can analyze, consult and recommend solutions for you based on
where you are in the College Planning TODAY Services program. In addition, they can assist you with
your career planning, job search and prepare you for your interview. Our College Planning TODAY
Services professionals serve our clients as coaches, consultants and an objective sounding board.
Consulting Areas

Our professionals consult in all areas academic development, personal development, financial planning
for college and career planning. We set up an individual plan for you and make sure that you stay on
track. The following are some areas where we can assist you:
 Writing Skills
 Learning Styles
 Concentration and Time Management
 Reading skills
 Lectures and taking notes
 Gathering information and using the computer
 Seminars tutorials and group projects
 Giving presentations
 Planning Essays and Assignments
 Improving self-awareness
 Improving self-knowledge
 Improving or learning new skills
 Becoming a self-leader
 Building or renewing identity/self-esteem
 Developing strengths or talents
 Improving and building wealth
 Spiritual development
 Identifying or improving potential
 Building employability or human capital
 Enhancing lifestyle or the quality of life
 Improving health
 Fulfilling aspirations
 Initiating a life enterprise or personal autonomy
 Defining and executing personal development plans
 Improving social abilities
 Provide options for saving for college or trade school
 Provide financial security and ensuring that all goals of personal finance are met
 Assist in finding direction and meaning in one's financial decisions
 Get a better understanding how each financial decision affects other areas of finance; and adapting
to life changes to feel more financially secure.
 Help with conducting college searches
 Guidance through the college admissions process
 Instruction on financial aid procedures and policies, including financing options
 Assistance in completing admission and financial aid applications
 Help with reviewing financial aid award packages
 Information on researching scholarships and careers
 Financial education for students

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 Helping your child(ren) to decide the right career path
 Introduction to careers, industries and companies
 Understanding job, industry and career trends
 Deciding on the right college to give you the best opportunity to land your dream job
 Hands on experience with jobs
 Exposure to corporations
At College Planning TODAY Services, our consultants are trained to assist you in all of these areas and
many more. Contact us today to get started on planning for college or trade school and your career.
Get in the driver’s seat today and we will ensure you that you will make it to your destination.


  After you have successfully completed the INTERVIEW process you can make your payment (APPLY) here for the PROGRAM.


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