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 Over 97% of CPTS program participants graduate from college. Since 2002 we have served over 20,000 students. 


 CPTS partners with a village of community organizations that assist students with resources, funding and networks of success.


 We offer a platform of scholarships that range from $500 to $30,000. There are over 9 billion dollars in scholarships within your reach when you follow our system. 

                     Women in Leadership Scholarship

                       Scholarship Award will be $5,000

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Colleges acceptance will be drastically reduced over the next four years and the students that prepared ahead will benefit the most. The benefits will include being accepted into the best colleges and receiving the most FREE money for college. Students that do well (3.0 or better GPA) can be nominated by a teacher or mentor for our AMBASSADOR program. Enroll by clicking this LINK and click on CREATE MY ACCOUNT. Then complete the form. (PUT want to enroll in the 9th grade academy)

Open date January  6th, 2023 -Close date June 20th, 2023

Special code : TODAY      -  last day to use discount code  April 09, 2023

For Parents With Children in College!

You can now get thousands of dollars back from your taxes plus an opportunity to claim a scholarship (current students) and college preparation (for all future/present/past students. (Ask about our perks and benefits for our customers) 

A parent, spouse or student who isn't claimed as a dependent can claim the credit for 100% of the first $2,000 spent on qualified education expenses — tuition, fees and textbooks — and 25% of the next $2,000, for a total credit of $2,500 for each qualifying student. If the credit amount exceeds the tax you owe for the year, you'll get a refund for 40% of the remaining amount, up to $1,000, for each qualifying student.

For a limited time the student or the Parent can claim a curtesty gift (great for students planning to go on Spring Break OR to reward Parents who are doing such a great job with their children), Go to either these links (below) and speak with a representative. 

Contact Suber Services  and Ultimate Services 911 to choose your gifts. Must be claimed by April 14th, 2023 by 8:00 pm. 


College Planning TODAY Services, INC, and CPTS Education Fund, INC. 501(c)(3) work with educators, administrators, counselors, and licensed insurance agents to provide the necessary services, networks, and information to provide information and resources to students and families who are serious about a college education, trade schools or entrepreneurship. Our representatives extend our services to schools, churches, educational workshops, and "fairs" to promote academic empowernment of students through our programs. We work with local, state and other key national organizations to make our services available on an annual basis. 

We partner with financial institutions, fortune 500 companies, colleges and universities across the globe to strategize in building a portfolio of information regarding financial services for students.

Please note: CPTS is a time sensitive organization which means it operates on a TIMELINE or DEADLINE system just like colleges/ universities, federal aid programs like FAFSA and other organizations that offer scholarships. Those who have problems with following structured guidelines will miss out on resources, information and funding! This will be not only be true with us but also with colleges and in life. Do not procrastinate!

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