StEP 4

Academic instruction is the forth step of the CPTS program process. This is where we address several areas:

Core & AP/IB Classes 



Standout Factor 


(These items determine whether you get into college or not!) Do not take these lightly. 

     Your Standout Factor

There are more than 26,000 high schools in the U.S. That means there are 26,000 football captains, 26,000 prom queens, 26,000 valedictorians/salutatorians and 26.000 yearbook editors.  

We assist you with your STANDOUT FACTOR. Contrary to what you may have been taught, you must do more than just have good grades!! There is a very powerful and amazing way to differentiate you from other students applying to college or trade school. Allow us to show you how to ensure that you have a Standout Factor

There are millions of dollars for students that work hard, obtain great grades, perform well on standardized test and serve others. Is this you? If so contact us! 

Maximum funding is available for: 

High School Seniors (Class of 2024) who apply before 11/23 /Minimum between 11/20/23- 3/2/24/ Least 3/3/24

High School Juniors  (Class of 2025) who apply NOW!! 

High School Sophomores & Freshman (Class of 2026 & 2027). You can start accumulating funds NOW!! 

* Current College Students have access to the scholarship [portal of 9 billion dollars]

Join our 9th Grade Academy TODAY

Get off to a great start

It is important for 9th graders to start high school with the best resources, strategies and plan possible. 


COVID SCHOOLS were created in response to Covid 19 (Pandemic).Study shows pandemic put students behind almost 5 years.The findings paint an alarming picture of an education system plagued by socioeconomic inequities that have only gotten worse during the coronavirus pandemic. An educational gap became a gulf.For example, in math, Latino third graders performed 17 percentile points lower in spring 2021 compared with the typical achievement of Latino third graders in the spring of 2019. The decline was 15 percentile points for Black students, compared with similar students in the past, and 14 for Native students. 

Students can now get help with closing this gulf of missed opportunities due to covid. Sign up for COVID SCHOOLS by going to the link and registering TODAY!