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The ultimate goal of College Planning TODAY Services (CPTS) is  to create Public/Private Partnerships that will assist in providing the best-in-class services,products, and environment for OUR young people to excel and prosper. Our involvement will include not only providing products and services, but also forming partnerships with corporations and organizations to raise funds as well as obtain in-kind services.
College Planning TODAY Services (CPTS) is a Student Advocate Consulting group.

The company services include the following three areas:

1) College Preparedness,

2) Financial Planning and

3) Employment Placement. College Planning TODAY Services selects education market segments where students have limited or no access to a College Planning Service. College Planning TODAY Services mission is to provide the most current and innovative programs to help with college planning and afford all students with the proper vehicle needed for college funding to ensure they accomplish all of their future endeavors.

What We Do

Each month over 1000 new families contact College Planning TODAY Services to inquire about HOW they can get assistance with preparation for their child's educational future. We began with a conversation about your child. This is how Step 1 of our program starts. Remember we are in the business of PREPARATION... college and career readiness. From here we do everything from interviewing YOUR CHILD and YOU to assisting YOU with...

Our offer "Hands on" Assistance
Up to date information on major financial programs
Help with the complex FAFSA form
Individual scholarship searches
Occupational profile
Provide cash accumulation for students

College Planning TODAY Services has a proven record of accomplishments in delivering high value to families while focusing on need-based solutions.
We show you how to get access to over $150 billion in FREE money from Federal government and private companies!!!

To whom this may concern:

My name is Williams E. Hudson Jr. and I serve in the role of the Vice President of Student Affairs for Florida A & M University. For several years now Mr. Weeks and the team at College Planning Today Services have assisted us in preparing students to attend our illustrious university. We have worked as a team in various events and in various states. Some of the other benefits of Mr. Weeks and College Planning Today Services include but not limited to preparing students to know our benchmarks for our university, ethical policies, scholarship expectations and what the goals of the various departments are. As a huge benefit for our university College Planning Today Services gives our university a presence where we do not have one many times by going to schools and events in many other states. College Planning Today Services has been a benefit to the people on our staff that recruit for the university because they act as an additional lead source and partner.

We will not be able to fully express to you the value that College Planning Today Services has brought to our university in marketing, promoting our brand and the students that have been enrolled on our campus.

We see Mr. Weeks and those that work with him at College Planning Today Services as an extended family to our university. We look forward to many more years of working together. We would recommend them for other colleges as long as they do not interfere with the success we have gained over the years.

Sincerely, Dr. William E. Hudson Jr., Ph.D.

To Whom It May Concern:

It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Anthony Weeks. He has been an instrumental part of my life and an incredible asset to our community.

Mr. Weeks and I reconnected through his involvement with College Planning TODAY Services. This was made available to my school community during my tenure at Tri-Cities High School. Additionally, I have taken advantage of the services for my own young children. His hands-on approach and full involvement has been invaluable, and I wish that there were more individuals who knew about the value of these services. There is a great K-12 perspective that is offered through the services, and more people need to know about them.

We look forward to possibilities in Atlanta Public Schools. I currently oversee all high schools, and I foresee a gold mine of opportunities for students who wish to continue their education. Mr. Weeks and I have talked, and I am excited to know that there is much more than schools and families can take advantage of. Given this, I see this as a prime time for other schools and families to get involved with what he and  CPTS has to offer.

I fully endorse his work and highly recommend him for partnerships with other schools and families.


Dan A. Sims, Ed.D.

Associate Superintendent of Schools (9-12)

{currently Bibb Schools Superintendent}

I absolutely enjoyed the Writer’s Workshop for the 2014-2015 Senior class here at B.E.S.T. Academy High School. As the Graduation Coach, I was very pleased with the professionalism and patience of Ms. Bedell and Mr. Weeks of College Planning Services exhibited, when working with our students and preparing them for their college essay.  After the writer's workshop, one student came to me immediately to share how he felt he was finally given the tools to help him accomplish his first goal of completing and editing his essay to enter college. This wonderful workshop helped students learn about sentence structure and the necessary components of writing.  The workshop gave each student personalized feedback on their writing.  The Writing Workshop surpassed my expectations and it was exactly what the senior students here at B.E.S.T Academy High School needed. I would recommend this workshop to anyone without hesitation!

Sincerely ,
Mr. MacArthur Randolph
B.E.S.T. Academy High School
Graduation Coach

Timothy D. Jones, Ed.D.
Principal, B.E.S.T. Academy High School

1890 Donald Lee Hollowell Pkwy. Atlanta, Georgia 30318
1820 Mary Dell Dr SE, Atlanta, GA 30316 (new address) 
Ph. 404-802-4938

“B.E.S.T. Academy High School ...Innovation, Preparation & Life Success!"

Hey Mr. Weeks! Thank you and CPTS for all you all did to assist me on my journey at the HOUSE! Never forget the look you gave me on graduation day when the billionaire Mr. Robert Smith offered to pay off our tuition. I recalled all the pointers you had told us to save tens of thousands of dollars!! Man what a day!! 

 Drew Garrett           Morehouse College 

From start to finish this has been an amazing ride! I learned a lot about myself, life and how things work in the world. I thought I was coming to your office that day to get a college experience yet I got more! A life experience! My family would like to say THANK YOU! 

I am a proud FAMU graduate!  ~  K. Hobbs 


The FAFSA gave me fits! I heard that it was something that I should fill out but I had no idea of what I needed to do. I do know I was in need of money for school.

Go Tar Heels !!

I was able to get the resources and funding that was needed to stay in school after contacting a customer who visited my job. He was a recruiter for College Planning TODAY Services.

Dave Green

Our son desired to attend Winston Salem State University and we were having a very difficult time knowing where to start. A church member referred us to College Planning TODAY Services. Let us just say we got the help we needed and our son in now at WSSU!! We are so relieved and have already enrolled our other children in CPTS. Thank you Foster family for the recommendation!

Mo and Tiana Hayes

I was in college already before knowing anything about CPTS but I was very frustrated with my educational and financial situation. I needed help and I needed it right now... Me and my best friend were both in the same situation! My friend found CPTS on social media and he called them. They help me and my friend with a plan to transfer from the college that we were attending that did not meet our educational needs. They even got use scholarship money and mentored us. Yes mentored us while helping us! We both graduated from FAMU!!

Class of 2019!! Graduates!!!


Today I reached my dream of becoming a doctor! You have been guiding me since I was a child. From charter school, to Princeton University to Columbia University you have been there!! Thank you for allowing your knowledge and wisdom that you have put into a company to be used to help me! 

Now I am Dr. Smith!! 

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          CEO/Executive Director for Student Academics

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                  Clay Berry 

                               Director of Operations 

                  De'Run Willians 

                                   Director of Gen Z Recruitment

        Dr. Christopher McCauley

               VP/Executive Director for Student Services

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          Executive Actuary for Student Affairs

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